Flowrox launches: Packaged Pumping Systems™

RELEASE DATE 09/12/2017

Engineered pump package equipped with simple site connections, manufacturer recommended auxiliaries, and piping arrangement to meet the needs of demanding flow control applications in variety of industries.

Packaged Pumping Systems™ are an answer to the industry demand for faster, simpler and safer installations.

  • Packaged Pumping Systems™ guarantee accurate and repeatable flow while reducing maintenance time and cost. Onsite and operational safety is increased through integrated containment optimal e.g. for aggressive chemical applications.

The Flowrox systems have many integrated control options to meet the various customer demands according to specific industry standards. “We have 40 years of experience in elastomer technology and flow control solutions. Taking this expertise to our newest offering Packaged Pumping SystemsTM allows our customers to benefit from accurate and repeatable flow with increased safety and reduced maintenance” states Simo Manninen, Vice President of Marketing at Flowrox.

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