McAdoo Adds Flowrox Knife Gate Valves to Portfolio

The designs of Flowrox Slurry Knife Gate Valves are based on the years of experience Flowrox has gained, providing reliable solutions for abrasive and corrosive process applications. They feature a load distribution ring that prevents over compression and ensures tight sealing between the ring sleeve and the valve gate. To add to the ease of maintenance, the load distribution ring has been integrated into the ring sleeves of the valve. The universal tower design of the valve accommodates most ac [...]

Brooks Instrument Adds FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus Transmitter to Its MT3809 Series Variable Area Flow Meters

HATFIELD, Pa. (April 16, 2018) – Brooks Instrument, a world leader in precision fluid measurement and control technology, has added a new FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus transmitter to its popular MT3809 variable area (VA) flow meter, making it easier for users to integrate the unit into their automation control systems for more efficient data capture and digital communication across the plant enterprise. The MT3809G with FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus recently underwent extensive testing and is now fully approved [...]

Flowrox launches: Packaged Pumping Systems™

RELEASE DATE 09/12/2017 Engineered pump package equipped with simple site connections, manufacturer recommended auxiliaries, and piping arrangement to meet the needs of demanding flow control applications in variety of industries. Packaged Pumping Systems™ are an answer to the industry demand for faster, simpler and safer installations. Packaged Pumping Systems™ guarantee accurate and repeatable flow while reducing maintenance time and cost. Onsite and operational safety is increased through int [...]

New launch: Flowrox Smart Expulse™

RELEASE DATE 12/15/2017 Flowrox, the industry benchmark for heavy-duty valves, pump solutions and systems, has entered the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) era by bringing to market a new generation of SMART SOLUTIONS™ that offer a new way to control, operate and visualize equipment and entire facilities by means of a 3D user interface. The newest innovation is Flowrox Smart Expulse™, a pulsation dampener with a Smart option. Pulsations can cause distractions, a common issue with several typ [...]

New Generation of Flowrox PC Pumps: E and EL Series

RELEASE DATE 04/27/2018 Flowrox progressive cavity (PC) pumps are ideal for demanding industrial slurry and paste pumping applications, especially with high viscous or shear sensitive liquids and sludges. To optimise your performance, Flowrox has prepared new generation of E and EL series of PC pumps. Improvements have been made in pump construction which results in cost effective investment. New generation of Flowrox PC pumps in E and EL series has lighter structure. New pumps are lighter and c [...]

Flowrox introduces Flowrox GeoBag™: All-in-one Geotextile Filtration and Dewatering Unit

RELEASE DATE 06/11/2018 Flowrox Geobag™ consists of Flowrox’s high performance Packaged Pumping System™ and Flowrox’s LPP-T (transfer pump) to ensure chemical dosing ability and high-performance pumping. The product is a water-tight floor construction with a drain valve that enables closed and clean filtration and dewatering process. Flowrox GeoBag™ Unit includes: The roll-off unit includes multiple items to enhance the effectiveness and success of the product, such as a container and geotextile [...]

Flowrox expands its valve line to include knife gates

Flowrox has introduced its new line of slurry knife gate valves. This full featured valve is perfect for isolation of abrasive or aggressive materials. They feature the same build quality and reliability that we have come to expect from Larox as well as innovative features that place them at the head of the pack. [...]

McAdoo FS adds Powerblanket.

McAdoo FS adds the Powerblanket line of products from Flatworks Technologies to its list of principles. Highlighted by the innovative and patent holding drum heater, the Powerblanket line is perfect for increasing productivity in Canadian winters. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes they are ideal for a variety of applications such as heating grease drums, propane tanks, water sources, diesel engines or curing cement. [...]

OEM client on board with McAdoo Flow-systems

One Eye Industries has is working with McAdoo Flow-systems on their Viscous fluid filtration systems. VFTFS filtration system that is designed to filter ferrous contaminants to sub micron levels from used heavy open gear oil thereby allowing two or more cycles of use. This will dramatically reduce consumption and cost with the added benefit of reducing environmental footprint. McAdoo Flow-systems will be providing the reliable and simple to use Assalub grease transfer pump for these systems. Mor [...]